Carol Kirsh

Toronto, ON Canada North American Outreach Council
𝆗 Welcoming new and old friends to play chamber music in her home is a source of great joy to Carol. 𝆗


Since taking up the viola again 11 years ago, playing chamber music has become an essential part of Carol’s life. With a piano and room for up to 6 musicians around it, Carol happily welcomes musicians of all instruments and abilities to play together in her home.

There is a large, vibrant and varied chamber music community in Toronto and Carol has met and played with many over the past few years. She believes that music can transcend all differences when people come together for joy and fun.

Carol travels with her viola and uses the ACMP directory to find musicians to play with around the world. She hopes that visitors to Toronto will feel free to contact her in advance and she will organize a playing party for them.

In addition to serving on the ACMP Outreach Committee, Carol has, in the past, served on the Board of CAMMAC (Canadian Association of Amateur Musicians) and the CAMMAC Foundation.

Long retired from her position as an Executive with the Ontario Government, Carol has more time to devote to her music.