Ismail Douiri

Casablanca, Morocco International Advisory Council
𝆗 Ismail hopes to form active and stable communities of amateur chamber music players in several cities of Morocco 𝆗

Ismail Douiri was born in 1970 in Rabat, Morocco. He started studying the piano at age 8 and the violin at age 12.

As an engineering student and during his professional life, he continued practicing the piano, mostly solo, with sometimes long breaks due to professional constraints.

More recently, when his son turned 8, (8 years ago), he encouraged him to start the clarinet. What he didn't know is that by attending his son's lessons, and then inheriting his first instrument, he would fall in love with the clarinet and start taking lessons too!

Morocco is a country of 35 m inhabitants, very close geographically and culturally to Europe, with many Europeans living in Morocco for work or retirement. It hosts some very good musicians. Professional musicians usually don't play chamber music with amateurs. Good amateurs remain isolated and lack the structure and the network to play chamber music.

So Ismail hopes that by relying on the resources and experience of ACMP, he would be able to address some of the issues that they meet, make them meet more and experiment, have access to locations where they can practice, and more importantly, perform in public!