Joseph Brock

Membership and Administration Director ACMP Staff
𝆗 His superhero name is Double-bass Man but he is also a painter and composer 𝆗

Photo: Sam Valle

Joseph Brock is a Brooklyn-based creator, who uses music and art to react to the world around him. He uses the tools of double-bass and conceptual art to this end. Musically, he loves to explore the capacity of the double bass, something he sees resonating with his own internal voice. In truth he never meant to play bass to begin with, but a lucky short nap during the intro to the string family in elementary school and the bass was all that was left. His passion grew, leading to soloing, winning several competitions, and attending NYU. He found many allies and mentors along the way: David Mazanec (Alabama Symphony), Joseph Bongiorno (NYU), and Cleveland Eaton (Jazz Legend) to name a few. Now he spends most of his time combing his experience as a black classical musician and his artistic practice to create a body of music and visual work.