Michael Tietz

Jamulus (MAC or PC) Technology Task Force
𝆗 Mike is an avid chamber music player, both in person and online. Main classical instruments are 'cello and viola. Mike also conducts the Broadway Bach Ensemble, a 60-piece orchestra in New York. 𝆗

Mike Tietz is a cellist and violist, and an avid chamber musician. He is also the Music Director and Principal Conductor of The Broadway Bach Ensemble, a 60-piece orchestra in New York which he founded in 1985, where his conducting repertoire spans baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary works.

During the pandemic, Mike became very involved in playing online, primarily on Jamulus. Besides playing in regular online sessions, his major focus was to introduce other classical musicians to Jamulus, help them configure their systems for online playing, and guide them through Jamulus playng sessions. Mike is currently a member of the ACMP Technology Task Force. He continues to help resolve Jamulus-related problems for musicians as needed.

Mike attended Yale College and University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he founded the Law School Light Opera Company and began conducting in 1978. In professional life he first practiced law in the private sector and in government service. After serving as in-house counsel in a number of companies, Mike transitioned to a business role as a Vice President at MetLife until 2013. He is a member of New York's Village Light Opera Group, where he has served as Music Director, member of the company/chorus, orchestra member, and as a VLOG fund trustee. He has also been active in the non-profit sector as both president and board member of a New York eldercare foundation.

Besides conducting, Mike continues to play in chamber ensembles and orchestras in the New York City metropolitan area. He is also a bagpiper and has been a member of both Irish and Scottish pipe bands performing parades and shows in the tristate area. Most recently, Mike has taken up the theremin, with a focus on both classical and folk/rock/blues repertoire.