Norm Malenke

Brevard, NC North American Outreach Council Member of the Board Board of Directors Member of the Board ACMP Foundation Board of Directors
𝆗 Norm Malenke loves to find and bring new chamber music players into groups so they can enjoy playing music together. 𝆗

Norm Malenke has been attending adult chamber music camps in the eastern part of the United States and playing chamber music with people in his area since 2001. He is an accomplished cellist with two music degrees and many years of private teaching experience, as well as experience teaching in public schools and after-school string programs.

Norm has played in 19 different orchestras in large and small cities around the Upper Midwest and Mid-South regions. He currently resides in Brevard, NC, which is home to the internationally famous Brevard Music Center. Norm's close proximity to the music center enables him to take part in the many activities there.

Over the years, Norm has balanced his music skills with a long career as a systems analyst, writing design specifications for new software enhancements for the financial services industry. He retired from this career in 2015 and now focuses on teaching private and group cello lessons and working with string ensembles.

He also is the cello instructor for the Mountain School of Strings in Brevard and is the ensemble director for the Mountain Laurel Strings ensemble. He has interests also in promoting chamber music among young players, particularly high school players.