Robert B. Myers Jr.

Washington D.C. North American Outreach Council
𝆗 Bob has a passion for the piano, so much so, that a modest chamber music group he started out 15 years ago accidentally sprouted into one of the biggest and best orchestral and chamber music organizations in Washington, DC. 𝆗

Bob Myers is founder and President of the DC Concert Orchestra Society (DCCOS), serving the needs of over 750 non-professional musicians in the DC metropolitan area. In addition to producing orchestra concerts, through our DC Chamber Musicians (DCCM) program, per year, produces 4 large managed play-ins and six public chamber music concerts, and provides outreach performances, professional chamber music coaching, rehearsal facilities and more.

Bob looks forward to working with ACMP through his membership on the North American Outreach Committee, spreading the love of chamber music to musicians and audiences alike, making educational and performance opportunities available to all who seek them.

We treasure our affiliation with ACMP and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.