Robert Goetz

Chair, New York, NY North American Outreach Council Member of the Board Board of Directors Member of the Board ACMP Foundation Board of Directors
𝆗 Bob is committed to helping others discover the joys and the fellowship of chamber music. 𝆗

Robert Goetz

Bob is an enthusiastic amateur violinist and longtime member of ACMP. He grew up outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, taking lessons, attending classes in public schools and playing in youth orchestras. He formed his first quartet in high school -- a group that still meets -- and continued to play chamber music through his college years at Columbia in New York. After a hiatus of a few years, his violin kept winking at him from the closet, so he joined ACMP and has continued to play chamber music to this day.

When he isn't playing the violin, Bob works as an editor and writer specializing in economics and finance. For much of his career he was an editor at The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and other newspapers including a now-defunct daily horse racing newspaper.

He is grateful for the important role that ACMP has played in connecting him with the world of chamber music and for the lifelong friendships it has led to. His favorite rehearsal venue was the sub-basement of the old New York Times building on West 43rd Street, amid the shuttered printing presses.

Bob lives on the Upper West Side of New York with his wife, Debbie. He has three grown sons, who occasionally stop by to watch his beloved Green Bay Packers.