Virginia M. Feldman

Portland, OR North American Outreach Council
𝆗 Ginny loves to set up ACMP Play-Ins, though COVID has stopped these indoor orgies. Soon she hopes! 𝆗

Ginny Fedman

Ginny came to chamber music 15 years ago, (after a half-century of orchestral/ solo violin & piano), when a friend invited her to a Play In. Immediately, she morphed into both a chamber player lover & a return of the favor to others, by being a Play-In organizer in the Portland, Oregon area. She found other players through ACMP, & again wants to spread that good news, & other ACMP wonders, through working on the ACMP Outreach Council. Her other work has been that same 1/2 century in medicine, & Global Health. Church organist & choir director have rounded out her blessings & headaches.