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APA (Amateur Music Players' Association, Japan, pronounced ei-pa, ei as in eight) is a non-profit organization for amateur chamber players established in 1974. A nationwide network, it currently consists of over 1,000 members, of whom 650 reside in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, 350 in the Kansai area, and about 100 are scattered around other parts of the country. There are regular meetings for chamber music all over Japan-- for instance there are more than 20 groups meeting once or twice a month within the Tokyo metropolitan area alone.

APA is a participant in ACMP's Going Places program. If you are contemplating visiting Japan for tourism or on business and wish to play chamber during your stay, we will try to organize chamber music sessions at locations convenient to you, and we may also be able provide instruments for use during your visit.

APA also organizes an International Chamber Music Festival each year, where overseas and Japanese amateur players can participate in cultural exchange through music. Players from overseas visit Japan for the Festival to enjoy playing, performing and socializing with Japanese amateur players.

Please see our website for more information about Going Places and the ICMF.

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2-Chome 2-16, Paredore #2-201, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN 160-0021.

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Sayoko Yamashita +81-80-3271-8409