Elemental Music

Elemental Music celebrates music-making and builds community through exceptional youth education programs.

Community: Elemental Music believes that music brings people together, creating a diverse community of students, parents, teachers, and audience members. Musical experiences help people realize our shared humanity.

Diversity and Inclusion: Elemental Music believes in music programs that welcome every child, from every background and at all levels. Through participation in music education programs, students can find a unique sense of belonging, affirming their human dignity and sense of self-worth.

Equity: Elemental Music believes that every child has great potential and should have access to high quality music education that allows them to realize what is possible. We believe in breaking down barriers and systems that prevent students of all races and backgrounds from developing and nurturing musical skill and talent.

Excellence: Elemental Music believes that high standards provide inspiration and support for our students. We believe that providing students with high-quality training, musically and technically, helps them best harness the power of music as a vehicle for self-expression and self-confidence.

The transformative power of music: Elemental Music believes music has the ability to change our understanding of, and our connection to, the world. We believe that music creates a culture of lifelong learning, and that the practice of music helps to build a world where empathy, grit, and determination are valued. We believe that music as an artform introduces people to new ideas and ways of thinking, expanding our conceptions of ourselves, our community, and the world around us.

Organization type: Community program


1906 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA.

Organization Contact

Josephine Moerschel josephine@elementalmusic.org 310-486-3857