London Chamber Musicians

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Open access amateur chamber musicians meeting mainly in members' homes. General standard is advanced+ to full professional, but we do support learners.

Semi-regular meetings in West-Central London on Sunday afternoon-through-evening plus irregular specials. There is a significant personal chamber music library covering mutiple combibations of winds, strings and brass at this location. Good standard stringed instruments (vln, vla, vcl, dbass) are available to borrow. Also rooms with Steinway modelB, harpsichord@415 and high-end Clavinova. Typically over a dozen players at a Sunday afternoon event, maximum playing simultaneously to date is 36 in six playing rooms. Voluntary donation box towards building up music library and towards refreshments. Dates and access via the website on meetUp. Regular organisers can be contacted there as "George Storm"

Organization type: Membership


39 Lexham Gardens, London W8 5JE, UK.

Organization Contact

Hedley Rokos +44 (0) 7974 947630