University Settlement Music & Arts School

The Music & Arts School at University Settlement has been providing affordable, quality music and arts programs to children, teens, adults and seniors in downtown Toronto for almost 100 years. We function in the belief that arts education should be a right, not a privilege and that lessons should be available to everyone, regardless of their age, ethnicity, perceived talent, disability or ability to pay. The School provides high quality classes and lessons at affordable rates. Our subsidy fund assists low-income families, reducing barriers that would otherwise prevent equal access to extracurricular music and arts education.

Chamber Music at University Settlement's Music & Arts School
University Settlement’s Music & Arts School's Adult Chamber Music Program is designed for intermediate and/or advanced adult students who wish to make music in small ensembles. We offer a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, with expert coaching from talented instructors. The program is a fantastic way to meet new people, and work on some great chamber repertoire.


23 Grange Rd, Toronto, ON M5T 1C3, Canada.

Organization Contact

Victoria Medeiros 416-598-3444 ext. 243