Puzzle by Susan Alexander: Clues and Answers

Hints for completing the scavenger hunt:

  1. Navigate to Benefits and look through the offerings
  2. Look at the timeline on the About page
  3. Events & Workshops event type pull-down list
  4. Read the guidelines for Just Play grants
  5. Search Susan Alexander by name; search organizations by proximity to her house
  6. Search the directory by each instrument and see how many players come up


Full list of answers

SHARP             [50] drop a letter to get HARP

                         [20] drop a letter to get SHAR

                         [10] change a letter to get SHARE

HARP               Change a letter to get an animal

                                    [1970] that complains a lot – CARP

                                    [1992] that loses to the tortoise – HARE

                                    [2013] that partnered with Rodgers – HART

HART              Change a letter to get a

                                    [Audition] 𝄐 – HALT

                                    [Lecture] favorite topic of Mozart – FART

                                    [Workshop] jazz trumpeter – HIRT

HALT              Rhyme   

                                   [500] Salzburg’s traditional industry – SALT

                                   [300] not in ourselves but in our stars – FAULT

                                   [Half the cost] Magic Kingdom guy – WALT

FAULT           Change a letter and rearrange       

                                  [Levine Music] end of life adjective – FATAL

                                  [DCCM] beginning of life adjective – FETAL

                                  [Peabody Plus] Mozart again, subject of eponymous work – FLUTE

FATAL or FETAL  Remove a letter and rearrange

           [piano] m.s. – LEFT

           [violin] Back where we started (enharmonically, maybe) – FLAT

           [clarinet] Stravinsky wrote one about a soldier – TALE