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ACMP member cycles around the world with her dog, violin and ACMP directory!

ACMP member Jasmine Reese is on the road, circling the globe with her dog and violin. Along the way, she connects with other chamber music players through ACMP's worldwide network.

I travel all over with my dog on a recumbent tricycle. I usually come into different towns and stay for a couple of weeks. I try to play as much as possible and learn a new work and then record it for my Vlog, says Reese.

In a recent stop in Flagstaff, AZ, Reese connected with ACMP members Garnett Williams (cello), and Kathy McConnell (piano) to play some chamber music together. Reece shared her video blog with us as the three players (and a dog) explore Carl Bohm's Piano Trio No. 4 Op 352, Finale.