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Online Chamber Music Resources At A Glance

16 February, 2021

ACMP is committed to helping music lovers worldwide in their efforts to keep chamber music alive over the Internet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

String Quartet Playing as a Model of Sanity and Self

10 February, 2021

People get together to play music.  There is a common project which the people are engaged in, each for their own reasons, so that each of us is satisfying our own ends, in cooperating with the oth

The Joy Of Jamulus!

9 December, 2020

When I was a child I used to enjoy watching The Jetsons cartoon.

JamKazam: Playing Chamber Music Over the Internet - For Real!

16 November, 2020

Is there a big, depressing hole in your life where playing music with other people used to be?  There was in mine, but in April I was fortunate enough to be pointed to JamKazam

Executive Director Stephanie Griffin

ACMP appoints Stephanie Griffin as Executive Director

19 August, 2020

ACMP is thrilled to announce the appointment of Stephanie Griffin as our new Executive Director.  Stephanie is a founding member of the award-winning Momenta Quartet and is princip

Floryse Bennett (1946 – 2020) – a remarkable ACMP member!

28 July, 2020

Floryse Bennett (1946 – 2020) – a remarkable ACMP member!

Chamber Music Workshops Look to the Internet in 2020

5 May, 2020

When the Coronavirus began its rampage across the world in February and March and cancellations, restrictions and quarantines followed, it was hard to imagine that life would continue to be so deep

Press Release - Livestream Masterclass 2020

31 March, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                

March 30, 2020

Resources to Play Online

24 March, 2020

In the spirit of coming together to play and enjoy chamber music, even in separate locations, here are some options and ways to do just that:

Play together 

Eighth Annual ACMP Worldwide Play-In 2020 - Reports

23 March, 2020

Each year players from around the world come together to celebrate chamber music with friends, new and old, during the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend.

New Video Coaching Tools for Chamber Music Players

19 March, 2020

This season, ACMP has launched the Chamber Music Animato! minicoaching video series featuring six short videos packed with ensemble-playing tips and demos.