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Eighth Annual ACMP Worldwide Play-In 2020 - Reports

Each year players from around the world come together to celebrate chamber music with friends, new and old, during the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend. Although this year many were canceled due to novel corona, there was still music and joy in the air as members and non-members came together to play together. Play-ins popped up in Miami, Fl; Lawrenceville, NJ; New York, NY; West Newton, MA; San Lorenzo, CA; Troy, NY; Sarasota, FL; Vernon Rockville, Virgina; Washington, D.C.; Flint, MI; Keene, NJ; Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Brussels, Belgium; Geneva Switzerland; Gamboa, Panama among others.


That was truly inspiring yesterday; what a thrill to participate in this event
NYC, Bach Bash

It was very successful! There were almost 40 people
Washington, DC

I am happy to let you know that we had a very successful Play-In Day at Westminster Conservatory Thank you for inviting Westminster Conservatory to participate in this event...It was an enjoyable day for everyone.
Westminster Conservatory, NJ

Our play-in was a hit!  Thank you ACMP!
Troy, NY


Photos below from left to right: Miami, Fl (2); Lawrenceville, NJ; New York (2); NY; Sarasota, FL (2); Troy, NY (2);  Virgina (2); Washington, D.C. (2); Gamboa, Panama.