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ACMP Updates - Announcing the 2019-20 Season

8 August, 2019

ACMP is looking ahead to our 72nd season of bringing people together to play chamber music. Our Updates bulletins share member stories and ACMP program updates.

New addition to the ACMP Home Coaching Grants Program

30 July, 2019

We have been thrilled over this past year at the amount of interest and use of the home coaching grant program.

ACMP's Going Places Program Brings U.S. & International Players Together in Tokyo, Japan

20 June, 2019

ACMP's recently introduced Going Places program helps players in the U.S.

Chamber Music Brings Young Musicians Together

18 June, 2019

More than 150 young musicians gathered in Beruit, Lebanon for the 11th annual YES Academy.

Remembering ACMP member Jo Margaret Farris

15 June, 2019

Jo Margaret Farris (Vn, Va), a giant in the amateur chamber world, died peacefully on 9 June 2018 in Albuquerque NM. She was 85. 

CDs aren’t dead – and we have classical music fans to thank

29 May, 2019

If you think physical music is dwindling and it’s all about digital streams, virtual clouds, and confusing metadata, think again…

What Does Chamber Music Really Do For a Student’s Playing?

28 May, 2019

The Violin Channel member Sabrina Young from the United States was keen to know: “How important really is chamber music? What does it really do for a student’s playing?” 

CelloBello Website Offers Extensive Resources for the Dedicated Cellist

3 April, 2019

The Interactive website CelloBello offers a broad selection of free resources covering every aspect of learning and playing the cel

Imperfect Pitch - Excerpts From an ACMP Member’s Anecdotes on a Familiar Obsession

2 April, 2019

ACMP member Frank van der Drift (Vn/Va, Dordrecht, Netherlands) shared his writings on a decades-long obsession with pitch and intonation.

Seventh Annual Play-In Reports, 2019

26 March, 2019

Earlier this month, players from around the world came together to celebrate music with friends, new and old, during the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend.

The Truth About Listening to Music While You Work

20 March, 2019

A new study claims that a quiet working environment seems to be best when it comes to creative problem solving.

Supporting the Next Generation of Chamber Music Players - From the Top

28 February, 2019

ACMP has announced a second year of support of the ACMP Young Chamber Ensemble at From the Top on NPR.