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The Artistry of the Violin Maker

28 February, 2017

In a crowded lecture at the General Society of Mechanics and Trandesmen's New York City library this week, violin maker Lukas Wronski explained the process of making a great violin.

Syrian Violinist Helps Canadian Community Hear His Song

16 February, 2017

Unlike most of the 31,000 Syrian refugees arriving to Canada over the last year, Sari Alesh, 31, did not bring a trade. Instead, among his few possessions, he brought his music.

A Broken-Hearted Matt Haimovitz Laments his Goffriller’s Broken Neck

16 February, 2017

Matt Haimovitz’s heart broke the moment his 307-year-old cello’s neck broke, but it could have been worse.

Holocaust Survivor Gives the Gift of Music to Bronx Schoolgirl

9 February, 2017

Joseph Feingold was walking through a German flea market with his brother in 1947 when he first laid eyes on it: A sleek, shiny violin. Then just 23-years-old, he knew he had to own it.

Worldwide Play-In 2017 Press Release

3 February, 2017

Worldwide Play-In Weekend 2017

Circling the Globe with Chamber Music
March 4 & 5, 2017

Honoring our History - Remembering Clinton B. Ford

5 January, 2017

Clinton B. Ford's generous bequest to ACMP was the birth of the ACMP Foundation. Who was this man who loved music and stars?

Pachelbel would be amazed!

7 April, 2015

In this YouTube keep your eye on the cellist who has to play the same 8 notes over and over again.

Amateurs and Contemporary Music: The Prevailing Winds

6 April, 2015

Lucy Miller Murray makes the case for amateurs and their mentors to consider contemporary music as part of their regular repertoire, but not leave Haydn behind.

Not Your Grandmother's Quartet

22 March, 2015

Enjoy the YouTube video of The Salut Salon Quartett interacting on stage in unusual ways.

The Art and Science of Measure Numbering

20 March, 2015

ACMP answers a member's question concerning available info about standardized guidelines for measure numbering.

A Musician's Puzzle

20 October, 2013

Who are these composers, and what do they have in common?