Learn to Improvise with Bassist Hilliard Greene

Bassist Hilliard Greene with his band The Jazz Expressions

Dive into the world of creative music-making with ACMP’s FREE online improvisation workshop on Saturday, December 11 from 1pm to 4pm EST.

Jazz bassist Hilliard Greene will lead this unique improvisation workshop for adult amateur players of all levels. No prior experience with improvisation is required – just a basic comfort level with your own instrument. Hill is a seasoned performer both in traditional and avant-garde jazz. He was the bassist and Music Director for renowned jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott for over twenty years, and was a frequent collaborator with Cecil Taylor and Charles Gayle, among many others. Classically trained – he also enjoys reading classical chamber music and has been known to participate in Play-Ins with ACMP musicians!

You can sign up as a spectator and Q and A participant (just on Zoom) or as an actively playing participant (on Zoom combined with the free low-latency music app SonoBus.) If you are participating only on Zoom, please do have your instrument handy! You will not be able to play with Hilliard or other participants, but you might be able to play a solo!

All participants must RSVP for the Zoom meeting through Eventbrite at:


Actively playing participants must first download and learn how to use SonoBus (it’s really easy, and free!), be available for a soundcheck at 12 noon EST, and then fill out this simple sign-up sheet:


For help with SonoBus:

Instructional Video

Slides from Phyllis Kaiden’s general presentation on low-latency music apps

SonoBus website

You can also log into the ACMP website and reach out to someone on our Technology Task Force.

In this session Hilliard Greene will go over the fundamentals of how to improvise – the how to’s of manipulating the elements that make music: rhythm, harmony, form and (mainly) melody.

You will learn how to:

Creatively change a melody using rhythm

Creatively change a melody with harmony

Creatively change a melody by expanding and contracting form

AND (most importantly) make your own melody

You will also learn how to:

Harmonize a melody

Transpose a melody

and understand how harmony supports a melody

Finally, through some discussion of the form of popular pieces, you will be well on your way to composing your own music!

Please RSVP soon!

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