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Legendary violinist Kyung Wha Chung’s top tips for musicians

5 May, 2017

The Korean violinist Kyung Wha Chung is one of the biggest names in classical music so ClassicFM asked her to share some pearls of wisdom for fellow musicians.

Take a bow: Australian Chamber Orchestra's 400-year-old cello to make its debut

5 May, 2017

When Timo-Veikko "Tipi" Valve takes the stage in Wollongong on Friday night, he will do so holding a cello made 400 years ago by one of Italy's greatest luthiers.

ACMP Foundation Announces the Return of the Community Music Program

24 March, 2017

Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP) announces the return of the ACMP Foundation’s largest grant program, the Community Music program.

2017 Worldwide Chamber Music Workshop Guide

21 March, 2017

The ACMP 2017 Worldwide Chamber Music Workshop Guide, the definitive guide to chamber music workshops for amateur players, is now available for ACMP members.

2017 Worldwide Play-In Brings Players Together Across the Globe

10 March, 2017

During the weekend of March 4 & 5, 2017, chamber music players everywhere got out their instruments, reached out to players in their area, and explored chamber music for whatever forces showed

Young Gifted and Classical: The Making of a Maestro - Meet Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason

10 March, 2017

The winner of the 2016 BBC Young Musicians of the Year, cellist Sheku Kunneh-Mason, age 16, is the first musician of color to win this prestigious award in the 38 years of its existence.

Music Teachers Make Their Mark with Personal Connections, High Standards and Infectious Passion

9 March, 2017

Influential music teachers give their students much more than technical advice and helpful fingering.

Hand-written Chopin Score Bought by Warsaw Museum

1 March, 2017

The Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw has bought a hand-written score of a piano Ballade by the composer. The score was purchased from a private collector at an auction in London in November 2017.

Violin Case to be Auctioned for Itzhak Perlman Charity

1 March, 2017

A handmade violin case by T.A. Timms & Son is to be auctioned by Ingles & Hayday at Sotheby’s in London on 28 March, with all proceeds going to the Perlman Music Program.

The Artistry of the Violin Maker

28 February, 2017

In a crowded lecture at the General Society of Mechanics and Trandesmen's New York City library this week, violin maker Lukas Wronski explained the process of making a great violin.

Syrian Violinist Helps Canadian Community Hear His Song

16 February, 2017

Unlike most of the 31,000 Syrian refugees arriving to Canada over the last year, Sari Alesh, 31, did not bring a trade. Instead, among his few possessions, he brought his music.

A Broken-Hearted Matt Haimovitz Laments his Goffriller’s Broken Neck

16 February, 2017

Matt Haimovitz’s heart broke the moment his 307-year-old cello’s neck broke, but it could have been worse.