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Taking Practice to a New Level

If you're looking for a way to pep up your practice, here's a useful new tool. Violist Nick Revel (PUBLIQuartet) created DragonScales, a set of downloadable mp3 audio play-alongs, to make practicing scales and arpeggios easier and more effective. He created them for his own use but found them so useful, he's offering them as a digital product.

Arranged in 12 packages - one for each key - each set contain the following features:

  • 8 audio play-alongs including: major, minor, whole tone, diminished, and chromatic scales, as well as arpeggio progressions.

  • All move through challenging rhythmic accelerations, starting slow, getting really fast, and reversing to slow.

  • The included Supplemental Rhythm Guide notates the rhythmic progressions for each scale and arpeggio.

  • Audio moves with you in perfect unison through rhythm changes so you can always tell if you are playing in tune, in time, and with good sound.

  • DragonScales is for anybody that can play a 3-octave scale, whether you are a professional, amateur, teacher, or student. 

  • All audio is tuned to 441 in Equal Temperament

The C Major set is available free here (scroll down and click on the C Major file). Other keys are available on ($7.12 per downloadable set) and on Apple Music

Watch video introduction: