Workshops and Community Music Programs

Apply for funding for your chamber music workshops and community programs for adult amateurs and children


ACMP's mission is to encourage people of all ages all over the world to play chamber music for pleasure.

To that end, ACMP supports workshops and community music programs which provide active participatory chamber music experiences to adult amateur musicians and youth. As the only organization in the world with grants programs for amateur chamber music, ACMP prides itself in supporting programs that kindle the sheer joy of music and emphasize chamber music training without professional aspirations.

Grant recipients represent a large range of organizers, from "mom and pop" adult amateur workshop coordinators and children's chamber music camp directors to managers of chamber music programs at large institutions.

Chamber music is defined as small-ensemble playing or singing, with one musician on a part and without a conductor.


Eligible Recipients

  • Individual Workshop Organizers
  • Organizations


  • Grants are open to applicants from all over the world.
  • Charitable or nonprofit status is NOT required.
  • ACMP does not support workshops or courses designed exclusively for professional musicians, college music performance majors or conservatory students.


  • Applications must be submitted in English using the online application form (note: you can use Google Translate in your process)
  • All programs must take place after the grant notification date of March 15, 2024, with some exceptions made for longer-duration events starting before the notification date but continuing well beyond it
  • The application form will ask you to classify your program into one of six program categories. See the Guide to the 6 Program Categories
    1. Classic adult, young adult, or intergenerational workshop
    2. Longer-duration adult, young adult, or intergenerational community program
    3. Children’s chamber music camp
    4. Children’s community school-year program
    5. Other chamber music program (such as master classes, seminars, etc.)
    6. Other children’s chamber music program: Chamber music programs for children that are not camps (3) or long-duration community programs (4).
  • Please submit one application form per program category. For example: if you are producing 3 adult amateur workshops, you may apply for all three within the same application, but you would need to apply for those adult amateur workshops and a children’s camp (for example) in two separate application forms
  • Each applicant may submit up to two applications per grant cycle
  • Applicants must upload a Project Budget using the ACMP Budget Form. Budgets must accurately reflect the application narrative and be expressed in U.S. dollars

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Camps or workshops for which the primary focus is not chamber music
  • Choral and orchestral programs or general music education classes or workshops
  • Programs that are exclusively intended for an organization’s membership
  • Individual or group lessons in instrumental technique
  • In-school programs that are part of a regular school day
  • Concerts or activities intended for audience development (educational or otherwise)
  • Professional-track music training (i.e. for college music performance majors; programs for college-level non-music majors ARE eligible)

QUESTIONS? Watch the video of the Grant Information Session from November 13, 2023

If you still have questions after watching the video, please email Executive Director Stephanie Griffin at

NEW THIS YEAR: Applicants may now choose to “Save and Continue” their application and email themselves a link to their draft that is valid for 30 days.

A List of Recent Grantees

At a Glance

  • Maximum Request $5,000.00 Up to 50% of project expenses
  • Application ACMP is not currently accepting new applications for this grant.


ACMP is not currently accepting new applications for this grant.